Building Sand

At Benoni Brick Works, we are the number one suppliers of building sand.

Our Sand is a top class product and the preferred choice by many building contractors.

Building Sand is naturally occurring sand that can be used for mortar for laying bricks. This building sand is available in various colours and comes from various areas. Building sand has various uses and makes building so much easier.

Our Sand can be used for a variety of projects, and no construction project is complete without high quality sand. Sand is a natural resource that is composed of divided rock and mineral particles; additionally, it consists of angular grains which do not have salts.

Benoni Brick Works is committed to providing quality construction materials; our sand is the perfect material for your construction project. Our sand is sourced from companies that meet SAB specifications; you can trust that quality of our sand.

Benoni Brick Works is a manufacturing company that is based in Boksburg. We specialise in cement paving bricks and building sand that are of the highest quality. We supply to construction companies, paving contractors, developers, local authorities and the general public.

If you are looking for high quality supplies, look no further than Benoni Brick Works. Contact us today for further information on our products.

Building Sand Manufacturers

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